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Product Info

This tab includes product info and attribute. From here you can change to other product quick as quick via Change Product button. There are colors option for you select to place an order or add your colors if shopper enables the current product. When you change an attribute or select printing method the price is updated automatically.

To add a product to cart, just press Add To Cart button. After adding to cart, you can change design or attribute, but the cart info is not updated with new changes unless you press the Update Cart button.



This tab includes images which uploaded from admin panel by the shopper or from Lumise stocks.


This tab, allows you upload your pictures, or get them from your social account or some image stocks such as Pixabay, Openclipart.
To use them, just click on them to add to design editor.


To use text in your design, just reach to this tab and select pre-made texts or select font style you want to add then click to add them.

To show more font styles, just press Load more 1000+ Fonts the new popup show up which allow you add more fonts to list.


Design Area 



This is the most important part of Lumise editor. It is preview and workspace for all layers you added.

To adjust layer, just use the mouse to click on them or select all of them via drag mouse.


There are parts of design area:

  • Current colors: all colors used in this design. Colors extracted from images, text and other resources.
  • Zoom tools
  • Stages switcher: switch design view to other stage or product.
  • Toolbar: The options for selected layers.
  • Borders of design area: the range of layers arranged

Image toolbar


With an image added into design area. There are some options for it. To enable options, just click on an image and see the top toolbar as below:

Crop Image


Fill color for image or text


In some case, you want to have another color for image or text.

Lumise have the fill feature to helps you that task.

Just select the layers then use the tools below:


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